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Click above to reach my card post!

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level up (18) » trading achievements (1375) » masteries » grabby hands (tue) » shop (0/2/2/0/2/2/2, nov 16) » exchange (0/4, fri)
deck donations - november (0/3) » puzzle/special donations - november (0/2) » bookstore donations - november (0/3) » graphics donations - november (0)

Collecting I will not trade these cards away.
High Priority I will trade these for cards I am collecting.
Low Priority I will trade these for cards I am collecting or high priority decks.
Holding I will only trade these if I am holding them for you, sorry!
Keeping I will trade these away if you really need them!
Trading I will trade these for anything.

I usually get to trades quickly.
Please wait until the cards I get appear in my activity log before making an offer!
I reserve the right to refuse any trade.
I'm willing to hold cards for two weeks.
I'm up for MC-only trades.
When I offer trades, I will return cards to my trade pile after seven days if there's no reply.

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